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Monday, January 23, 2006

A healthcare system vs. a healthcare market

What Vermont needs is a healthcare market. The last thing it needs is a government-run and/or government-financed plan or system, regardless of whether it is called single-payer healthcare or universal healthcare. No group of politicians and/or bureaucrats has access to enough information to successfully plan a healthcare system.

Vermonters do not need a healthcare system that is imposed on them from above by government. What Vermonters need is a healthcare market that emerges from individual consumers being "Free To Choose" to do business with the providers they prefer and to withhold their patronage from the providers they do not prefer.

Many if not most of the problems related to healthcare today can be traced to previous government interventions, including the tax treatment of employer-provided health insurance. The solution to today's healthcare problems does not lie in increasing government intervention in healthcare. The solution lies in undoing all of the previous government interventions that have failed.


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