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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Live Free or Move!


The title of this post (and this blog) is, of course, a take off on the New Hampshire slogan, "Live Free or Die". We want to live free, natch, but wouldn't it be nice to have an alternative to freedom other than death?

So let's live free. Unless we find we can't. In which case, we should move to where we think we can live free. Meantime, let's discuss freedom. Political and economic (but I repeat myself).


Blogger Columbine said...

Dictionary.com on Freedom


17/1/06 16:25  
Blogger Tad Pole said...

Freedom is being able to do whatever one wants to do as long as it doesn't involve the initiation of force or fraud against others. It includes self-ownership, which, in turn, includes the exclusive right to do whatever one wishes with one's property (again, with the initiation of force and fraud excepted). Government's only role is to protect citizens against the initiation of force or fraud by others.

17/1/06 17:44  
Blogger Harp Maven said...

If more people who live with freedom as their motto demonstrate that others in need will get the help they require in order to live with their basic needs for food and shelter met, then I think those people, perhaps many who have adopted Libertarianism as their creed, might have a greater following!

18/1/06 18:49  
Blogger Tad Pole said...

Perhaps the answer to this age-old conundrum is in Dave Barry's new book!

19/1/06 03:23  
Blogger Tad Pole said...

Sorry to limit my reponse to just another mention of Dave Barry's new book (http://livefreeormove.blogspot.com/2006/01/dave-barry-strikes-again.html). Harp Maven's comment will require some deep thought, for which I do not have time at the moment. But once I have given my "day job" its due, I will make a valiant attempt. So, stay tuned!

19/1/06 11:49  

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