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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Path To Peace

War is expensive. To wage war, government needs to extract huge sums of money from its citizens. Government does this in three ways. It taxes, it borrows, and it prints.

The primary tax used by government to pay for war is the income tax. If we truly are against war and for peace, we must oppose the income tax, the ability of the government to borrow, and the ability of the government to print money. We must work for the abolition of the 16th amendment. We must work to make it illegal for government to borrow. And we must work to abolish the Federal Reserve.

A good first step toward abolishing the 16th amendment is to abolish income tax withholding, which hides from taxpayers the true magnitude of the income tax they are paying.

It is true that government does some good with the money raised by the income tax. But the good paid for by the income tax is more than offset by the evil done. Society does not need the income tax to do good. All the good things that are now financed by the income tax can be financed privately. We don't need this Faustian bargain any more.

It is true that government is responsible for protecting us from attack by foreign countries. But the resources needed to do this are a tiny fraction of the resources now extracted from the citizens to pay for the Department of Defense. How many of the 702 overseas bases in 130 countries (http://www.commondreams.org/views04/0115-08.htm) are needed to protect the U. S. from attack? The answer: not too damned many! We don't need an income tax flooding the DoD with money to pay for the real defense needs of the U. S. The only military reason we need an income tax is if we want to maintain an empire and wage wars of aggression against countries that have not attacked us and have posed no threat of attacking us.

If we truly are for peace and not for war, we will work to end the income tax, end the ability of government to borrow, and end the ability of government to print money.

War is expensive. Peace is cheap. The choice--war or peace--is ours.


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