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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Restore The Articles!

An excellent post over at The Hall Of Fire (http://thehalloffire.uni.cc/) entitled, "What was so bad about the Articles?".


In school, they teach us that the United States couldn’t function under them because the central/federal government lacked the following power: the ability to tax. Without that ability, the federal government could not wage war on its own (states could, because individual states could tax within the state), could not force-feed students with propaganda through public education, conduct wars on drugs/terrorism/whatever, or legislate things like marriage! Horrors! I can’t imagine how utterly terrible that would be to live in a county like that!


Blogger Libertarian Jason said...

And they also couldn't levy taxes to pay off a bunch of people who held the debt to finance the revolution.

26/2/06 14:57  
Blogger Tad Pole said...

Good point!

27/2/06 09:12  

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