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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Support Our Taxpayers?

In a previous post (http://livefreeormove.blogspot.com/2006/01/support-our-troops.html), I wrote,

Should we support our troops? Perhaps the correct answer is, "it all depends on what they are doing". Should we support our troops if they are waging a war of aggression? Doesn't the question answer itself?

A related question is, should we support our taxpayers, who support the troops financially--even when the troops are waging a war of aggression?

Here's a related excerpt from Lew Rockwell (http://www.lewrockwell.com/rockwell/iraq-democraticempire.html):

In other words, it is a typical government program, costly and unworkable, like socialism, like the war on poverty, like the war on drugs, like every other attempt by the government to shape reality according to its own designs. You can see the results in the fatality figures. You and I paid for those flags on the caskets of the soldiers. We paid for the war that cost them their lives. We paid for the cheaper coffins of the far more numerous Iraqi dead. We didn't do it voluntarily. The state forced us to do so, just as it is forcing Iraq to endure a dreadful occupation.

What is in the past is gone, a cost that is sunk and never to be regained. But we can control the future. Now is the time to end this ghastly undertaking in Iraq.

I have written elsewhere (http://livefreeormove.blogspot.com/2006/02/path-to-peace.html) as follows:

If we truly are for peace and not for war, we will work to end the income tax, end the ability of government to borrow, and end the ability of government to print money.

War is expensive. Peace is cheap. The choice--war or peace--is ours.

Should we support our taxpayers? Perhaps the correct answer is, it all depends on what the government is doing with the taxes.


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