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Friday, March 03, 2006

Harry Browne, R. I. P.

Harry Browne, a great libertarian, died March 1.

You can read about Browne at
http://www.lewrockwell.com/rockwell/harry-browne.html and http://www.fee.org/in_brief/default.asp?id=311.

His "The Greatest Mistake in American History: Letting Government Educate Our Children" is at http://www.fee.org/pdf/notes/NFF_0105.pdf.

Harry wrote many articles against U. S. intervention abroad in general and the Iraq War in particular. You can find links to many of those articles at http://www.antiwar.com/blog/index.php?id=P2674.

If you don't have time to read much of what Harry wrote, you owe it to yourself to read what he wrote on September 12, 2001--the day after 9/11 (http://www.antiwar.com/orig/browne2.html).

Here's a short excerpt:

What should be done?

First of all, stop the hysteria. Stand back and ask how this could have happened. Ask how a prosperous country isolated by two oceans could have so embroiled itself in other people's business that someone would want to do us harm. Even sitting in the middle of Europe, Switzerland isn't beset by terrorist attacks, because the Swiss mind their own business.

Second, resolve that we won't let our leaders use this occasion to commit their own terrorist acts upon more innocent people, foreign and domestic, that will inspire more terrorist attacks in the future.

Third, find a way, with enforceable constitutional limits, to prevent our leaders from ever again provoking this kind of anger against America.

A voice of sanity in an insane world.


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