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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do You Feel Like A Guinea Pig?

Chris Leithner has posted his latest Leithner Letter (Issue 77) at http://www.leithner.com.au/newsletter/ . The subject of the letter is "humanitarian" government interventionism, which Chris equates to inhumane meddling.


Finally, realise that “humanitarian interventionism” fails just as abysmally at home as it does abroad. Acknowledge, therefore, that although you may not be interested in politics, politicians are intensely interested in you – and, more specifically, in controlling you and your family, property and life. So look through pollies’ warm and fuzzy rhetoric. Recognise that they do not know what they are doing, and that their policies are, in effect, vast experiments upon unsuspecting guinea pigs.

How often do you feel like a guinea pig?


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