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Monday, July 10, 2006

Mr. Paul Goes To Washington

Ron Paul (R-TX) is my kind of Congressman: true to principle through and through. Here's an excerpt on Congressman Paul from an article from the July 9, 2006 Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article
; Hat Tip: Lew Rockwell at http://blog.lewrockwell.com/lewrw/archives/010919.html):

Paul, 70, has earned the nickname Dr. No for his habit of voting against just about anything that he sees as government overreach or that interferes with the free market. No to the Iraq war. No to a federal ban on same-sex marriage. No to a congressional gold medal for Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan and Rosa Parks. He says the medals are an unconstitutional use of taxpayer money and once suggested each House member instead contribute 100 bucks from his or her own pocket.

Last year, Congress decided to send billions of dollars to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Guess how Ron Paul voted.

"Is bailing out people that chose to live on the coastline a proper function of the federal government?" he asks. "Why do people in Arizona have to be robbed in order to support the people on the coast?"

That last paragraph would be remarkable coming from any Congressman--especially one from a district far from any coast--but Ron Paul represents Congressional District 14, which covers a wide swath of the Texas Gulf Coast, including the city of Galveston! (For a map of District 14, go to http://www.house.gov/paul/district.shtml and click on the thumbnail map.)

(If you don't see any problem with the federal government taxing ["robbing"] people in Arizona to support people on the coast, I highly recommend that you take a look at John Stossel's Confessions of a Welfare Queen at http://www.reason.com/0403/fe.js.confessions.shtml.)

William Anderson has a great comment on the Post article at http://blog.lewrockwell.com/lewrw/archives/010920.html. Here's an excerpt:

[R]eporters from papers like the Post do not mind writing admiring pieces about principled people -- as long as the person who is being praised is a "principled" leftist, like Bernie Sanders. I suspect that writers from the Post believe that if only someone like Bernie Sanders were in control of the state, that he could make socialism work. Someone like Paul who does not believe the government should be making all of our decisions and controlling every aspect of our lives obviously is an "enemy of the people."

(I commend Bernie for his stand against the Iraq War and Occupation and for his stand for some civil liberties, but I strongly disagree with his views on economic freedom.)

If only there were many more Ron Pauls in Congress!

I you want to learn more about Ron Paul, visit his web site at http://www.house.gov/paul/ and his article archive at http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul-arch.html.


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