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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Live Free By Moving!

If voting is useless, are we doomed to suffer the tyranny of the next administration, helpless in the face of increasingly oppressive taxes and regulation?

Fortunately, the answer is "No." At least it is for those who don't view the democratic process as the only hope for freedom and happiness in their lives. You don't have to persuade a nation to join your crusade to have things your way. Instead, you can choose a direct alternative. You can do something that will immediately improve your life.

You can escape!

Escape government? It probably can't be done completely, but there are lots of places you can go where the government will leave you alone to do the things you like.

Escape from America, an internet newsletter devoted to international lifestyles, reports that more and more Americans are taking this option every year.

Where are they going? They're going to Ireland where writers, artists, and other creative people don't have to pay any income taxes at all. They're going to Australia and New Zealand, beautiful countries where there's not much crime and a generally strong respect for personal liberties. They're going to the Caribbean and Central and South America, where a person can live in luxury on a fraction of what it would cost here. They're keeping their money in safe havens, protected from the greedy hands of government thieves.

The idea of escaping from America for tropical paradises and less government may seem a bit extreme. But the folks at escapeartist.com think that in 20 years it will be the norm.

--from "Escape from America!" by J. H. Huebert at http://www.jhhuebert.com/articles/escape.html.


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