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Friday, May 15, 2009

Anything that's peaceful

Why are we waging a war on people who want to work?
My hunch is that deep down the immigration warriors have known the entire time that their welfare argument was bogus. Illegal immigrants risk their lives and their liberty in an effort to sustain and improve their lives and the lives of their families through labor. The notion that they're going to risk their lives and liberty in order to walk into a welfare office in an attempt to defraud U.S. officials is ridiculous. These people are scared to death of public officials and will do everything they can to avoid contact with them, for fear of being caught and deported. All they want to do is work for American employers, who, by the way, recognize their value by hiring them.

In fact, take a look at this Washington Post article that appeared last Wednesday. It's entitled "Vermont Dairy Farms Count on Illegal Immigrants." A New Hampshire citizen, Nancy Sabin, puts the matter succinctly: "If it wasn't for the Hispanics, there would be no family farms. There would be no farms, period." The article goes on to speak the truth about illegal immigration in Vermont;

"This is the open secret behind the black-and-white Holsteins, rolling hills and postcard images: Unable to attract local workers for the grueling job of milking cows and working the farm, Vermont, the nation's 14th-largest dairy state, props up its dairy industry with perhaps thousands of immigrant laborers, many of whom are in the U.S. illegally. 'Everyone knows some of these people are illegal,' says Vermont Agriculture Secretary Roger Allbee. But, he says, 'The system is broken. There's the need for labor.'"

The system is indeed broken, as are so many other federal programs that have placed law in contradiction to moral principles. But the good news is that there is a way to fix the system: by restoring the principles of economic liberty, freedom of contract, freedom of association, and open immigration to our land.

-- from "Illegal Aliens: Welfare or Work?" by Jacob G. Hornberger at http://www.fff.org/blog/jghblog2009-05-15.asp.

Shouldn't the law allow anything that's peaceful?


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