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Friday, May 29, 2009

Is the Obama regime complicit in the Bush regime's crimes?

If the Obama regime does not hold the Bush regime accountable for violating U.S. and international law, then the Obama regime is complicit in the Bush regime’s crimes. If the American people permit Obama to look the other way in order "to move on," the American people are also complicit in the crimes.

Hunsinger, Paul, and others are trying to save our souls, our humanity, our civil liberty, and the rule of law. Obama can say that he forbids torture, but if those responsible are not held accountable, he has no way of enforcing his order. As perpetrators are discharged from the military and reenter society, some will find employment as police officers and prison officials and guards, and the practice will spread. The dark side will take over America.
-- from "Succumbing to the Dark Side" by Paul Craig Roberts.


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