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Friday, May 22, 2009

Peace: it's not just right, it's cheap!

[W]hile it is imperative that libertarians continue focusing on the fundamental immorality of U.S. foreign policy — that is, the assassinations, invasions, occupations, bombings, torture, indefinite imprisonments, denial of due process, denial of trial by jury, cancellation of habeas corpus, and other infringements on civil liberties — it is also imperative that we continue reminding our fellow Americans what these people are doing to the financial and economic well-being of our country. Empires bankrupt nations. And that’s precisely what the U.S. Empire is doing to America.

-- from "The Empire Is Bankrupting America" by Jacob G. Hornberger at http://www.fff.org/blog/jghblog2009-05-22.asp.


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