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Friday, May 15, 2009

Your tax dollars at work!

Eyewitness accounts of U.S. airstrikes in Granai, Afghanistan, last week, as described in the New York Times:
The number of civilians killed by the American airstrikes in Farah Province last week may never be fully known. But villagers, including two girls recovering from burn wounds, described devastation that officials and human rights workers are calling the worst episode of civilian casualties in eight years of war in Afghanistan. . . .

The bombs were so powerful that people were ripped to shreds. Survivors said they collected only pieces of bodies. Several villagers said that they could not distinguish all of the dead and that they never found some of their relatives. . . .

The enormous explosions left such devastation that villagers struggled to describe it. “There was someone’s legs, someone’s shoulders, someone’s hands,” said Said Jamal, an old white-bearded man with rheumy eyes, who lost two sons and a daughter. “The dead were so many” . . . .

Tillah, the 12-year-old girl, whose face bears the scars of a scorching blast, still twisted in pain from the burning in her leg at the provincial hospital in Herat, where she and other survivors were taken to a special burn unit. Her two sisters, Freshta, 5, and Nuria, 7, were barely visible under the bandages swathing their heads and limbs.

The three girls were visiting their aunt’s house with their mother when a plane bombed the nearby mosque, around 8 p.m., Tillah said. That is when they fled to Said Naeem’s seven-room home.

“When we reached there we felt safe and I fell asleep,” Tillah said. She said she heard the buzzing noise of a plane, but then only remembers coming to when someone pulled her from the rubble the next morning. . . .

-- from "Afghan Villagers Describe Chaos of U.S. Strikes" By CARLOTTA GALL and TAIMOOR SHAH at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/15/world/asia/15farah.html?_r=1&hp.

HT: "Murder in Afghanistan" by Sheldon Richman at http://sheldonfreeassociation.blogspot.com/2009/05/murder-in-afghanistan.html. Richman writes, "This is what the U.S. government does in our name. Who isn't sickened by what's going on? What now, Obama? He withholds torture pictures for fear of inflaming anti-American sentiment, yet he does this."


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