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Friday, June 26, 2009

Is it time to short the stock market?

People whose houses are going down in price…and whose incomes are falling…do not buy more stuff. Sales go down…profits go down…and dividends go down. Why would investors buy stocks when earnings and dividends are falling? . . .

Obvious conclusion:

“Every smart trader I know is massively short the stock market,” says Jeff Clark.
--from "Two Ways to Deleverage an Economy
by Bill Bonner (6/9/2009)


Blogger Mark said...

Whether it moves up or down there are money making opportunities for all of us.

That's what we need to understand that what if the markets are falling you can short the stock and buy it on further dip and earn during this volatility. If you think on a particular day that the markets have open in the green and they will move more upwards from a particular point then buy stocks and sell on rise and earn money.

Buy on dips and short on highs this is the best way for Day traders as money making opportunities are aplenty and €500 a week is something that is achievable.

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27/6/09 07:15  

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