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Monday, July 20, 2009

Atlas shrugged, then he commented on Russ Roberts' healthcare post

In a previous post, I re-posted a column by GMU economist Russ Roberts, along with my comments.

There are a lot of other comments to Russ Roberts' post. Here's one by Michael Smith that could have been written by John Galt (protagonist of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"):
I submit that there is, fundamentally, only one proper way to analyze any proposed government action -- and that is by asking: What does this government action do to the individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness of all those the proposed action affects? Does it protect them -- or violate them?

In the case of this "health care reform", it is clear that what is being proposed is simply the mass-stealing of vast additional wealth from those who’ve produced it and earned it -- and to whom it thus rightfully belongs -- for purposes of bribing a sufficient number of Americans into acquiescing in the government takeover of a huge portion of our economy. The whole plan is nothing more than a vast power grab to be financed by looting a group that has no defenders in today‘s culture: the “wealthy“. As such, the entire program is a massive, egregious violation of individual rights and is thus both immoral and impractical.

The right to life does not mean the right to remain alive at someone else’s expense. It means the right to remain alive at your own expense, by means of your own honest effort, by either producing what you need or trading your labor for a wage from someone else who is engaged in production. The right to life means that no one can take your life from you by physical force -- either by killing your or by interfering with your own productive effort to sustain your life.

There is no such thing as a right to healthcare -- or to any other good or service produced by human labor -- because there is no such thing as a right to any portion of another man’s life, be it his time, his labor or the fruits of his labor, i.e. his property. In short, no one can claim a right to have others forced to labor involuntarily to provide for his healthcare, his food, the clothes on his back or any other material good or service he needs. No amount of “need” on the part of one man gives him the right to demand any amount of slavery on the part of others to satisfy those “needs”.

And no amount of alleged “good” to be achieved can justify the violation of any individual’s rights. The end does not justify the means. When a man takes your property by force, he violates your rights and commits an utterly immoral act. It does not matter what he proposes to do with the proceeds of his robbery -- it is still a robbery and it is still a violation of your rights.

Man is not “his brother’s keeper” as Obama keeps insisting -- because nothing on earth justifies the notion some must sacrifice while others collect the sacrifice -- that some must surrender what they’ve earned so that others may be given the unearned -- that some get to eat, while others get eaten. No one has ever justified this notion -- and no one can.

The animating idea behind he creation of the United States was this:

That all men are created equal -- that there are no “brothers” that can claim any sort of superior status entitling them to be “kept” -- and that all men are an end in themselves, with each possessing the same inalienable right to the pursuit of their own happiness, by means of their own honest effort -- with none having the right to force others to sacrifice for their benefit and none being forced to sacrifice for the sake of others -- and with the purpose of government limited to “securing these rights“.

But now here comes Obama and his fellow power-lusting looters in Congress, determined to complete the destruction of America by reversing her animating idea and transforming us into a collection of rightless creatures whose lives and property belong, not to us by right, but to the government, who may seize whatever they wish to address whatever “needs” they deem to exist anywhere in society.

Somehow we must convince Americans that if they value their lives and their freedom, they must learn to assert their right to exist for their own sake -- they must refuse to accept the notion that they are merely sacrificial animals to be looted at government's whim -- they must take a moral stand and tell Obama and his ilk, “NO Obama, my life and the fruits of my labor belong to ME, not to YOU, not to the government, and not to any stray, mooching, incompetent, shiftless ‘brother’ who seeks to exist at my expense”.

Posted by: Michael Smith | Jul 16, 2009 2:18:30 PM


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