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Monday, July 06, 2009

Insanity: lending perfectly good money to the U. S. government

Come Hell or high water, the Treasury will come through. When it’s time to pay the coupons, they’ll have the cash. You can count on it.

But what you can’t count on is how much that cash will really be worth. And there lies the great trap for the lumpen investoriat. The lumpen, as you know, get their investment ideas from TV and the newspapers. The poor rubes are the last to buy in a boom and the last to sell in a bust. A day late and a dollar short, they always get the worst deals. When the papers tell them there’s a recovery – they believe it. When the Fed chief tells them to use adjustable rate mortgages…the silly clumps do it. When a governor of a Federal Reserve banks urges them to “go out and buy an SUV” they head for the dealers.

But thank God for these patsies. Without them, where would we get candy? And where would the U.S. government get its trillions?

The lumpen – along with the sophisticated fund managers who pretend to know what they are doing – are financing the biggest government-borrowing spree in the history of mankind. You don’t have to dig too deeply to figure out why that won’t work. Financing a little spree of borrowing may turn out well; financing a big one is asking for trouble. Each dollar you lend weakens the borrower’s balance sheet. By the time he has gotten to the 12 trillionth dollar…you might as well be throwing the money down a well.
-- from "When Zombies Attack" by Bill Bonner


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