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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's time to start criticizing Obama

Criticize AND oppose!
It is time to start criticizing President Obama the way most of us criticized George W. Bush. There is hardly any difference between the two on foreign and security policy except that the thoughtful and articulate Obama’s high-minded but empty rhetoric appears to be more reasonable and moderate than the bellicosity of his tongue-tied predecessor. It probably was a mistake to think that he would behave any differently than George Bush after obtaining office as the difference between liberal interventionism and the conservative variety is really just a matter of approach. Do not expect the antiwar democrats to surface any time soon. They have been seduced by the trappings of power. Don’t wait around for any marches for peace. It might well be the task of the libertarian and paleo-right to take the lead once again and revive the discussion about the critical issues relating to war, peace, and national security.
-- from "Obama’s Free Lunch Is Over" by Philip Giraldi


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