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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jim Rogers on the next bubble

[R]ight now everybody seems to be convinced that government bonds are going to go through the roof and that government bonds are a safe investment. Everybody seems to be convinced that there is deflation in the world. Long-term government bonds are yielding nothing.

Q: The perceived safety?

A: They perceive safety and they perceive – you don’t have to worry about inflation, deflation is here. So, you can buy long-term government bonds. In my view that is one of the next great bubbles, which is developing. I am not short bonds at the moment. I have them but I cover. That is a huge bubble. Apparently if you look at the market, most people don’t think inflation is coming – if government bond yields are any indication – nobody thinks that inflation would ever come back. So, I am afraid, I think that that is probably the next bubble developing.
--from "Jim Rogers' success mantra: Invest where demand is low"


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