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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jim Rogers: pursue your passion!

[P]eople who love what they do are normally successful people. It doesn’t matter what you love. If you want to be a gardener, and your parents say no you’ve got to be a lawyer, or a doctor or an accountant, you should really go be a gardener because that is what you are going to love.

People may laugh at you but you love it so much, you’ll never go to work. You wake up every day and you can hardly wait to have fun. You are going to be much more successful at it. Some day you are going to be the gardener at Buckingham Palace, some day you are going to be the gardener for Hyde Park, some day you are going to have a chain of gardening shops all over the world, and be listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange. And you will be extremely rich and really successful, and even if you are not terribly rich and successful you are going to be a lot better off than all those guys who are lawyers who hate being lawyers and are doing it because they have to make money because their parents said become a lawyer, or their wives said we need the money. No, pursue your own passion. And that is where you will be successful.
-- from "Jim Rogers' success mantra: Invest where demand is low"


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