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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Putting all your eggs in one basket--the U. S. dollar

“The comments of your readers,” writes a reader today, “regarding having all of their eggs in one Madoff basket and the stupidity of doing so is curious. How many Unites States investors have diversified their investment portfolio away from all dollar-based investments? If you think about it, our life insurance, stocks, bonds, real estate, Social Security and other retirement programs are all dollar based. A few of us might have a little gold/silver or some foreign bonds, but I bet over 80% of your readers have made the Madoff mistake and not recognized it.

“If/when the dollar collapses, the losses Madoff incurred will be a speck of fly s%*$ compared with what happens to U.S. investors. Thanks for a great read”. . . .

The 5: Amen.

For years, we’ve been sending our readers to EverBank, which has a truly unique array of products that help everyday folks attain true financial diversification. They’re currently putting the final touches on a product that’s garnered our attention: The MarketSafe BRIC CD. In short, it’s a principal-protected CD that allows investors to gain exposure to the real, ruble, rupee and yuan. If you’re interested too, stay tuned… details will emerge in the next few weeks.
--from "The Two Most Important Measures, Another Housing Rescue, IMF & China Team Up on the Dollar and More!" by Addison Wiggin & Ian Mathias


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