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Monday, July 06, 2009

Ron Paul Republicans to the rescue?

As I talked with Paul, it occurred to me that he and his fellow libertarians are the potent remedy that the dreadfully sick Republican Party so desperately needs. Paul's Liberty caucus hopefully will form the core around which a vigorous, new party grows that addresses America's real needs.

President George W. Bush and the neocons pretty much destroyed the Republican Party, as this column predicted back in 2003. What's left of the Grand Old Party, of which I have been a lifelong and, recently, most unhappy member, has become a rump dominated by religious fundamentalists, regional interests, war-lusting neoconservatives and bumbling, rural Romeos. Mountebanks and demagogues are vying to become the party's voice.

Paul and his fellow libertarians offer Republicans and Americans a badly needed alternative to the dumbed-down Republicans and the wildly spending Democrats, whose expanded Afghanistan war and increasingly neosocialist policies are leading the nation into dangerous waters.
-- from "Doc Offers Cure for GOP / Republicans need Ron Paul's honesty" by Eric Margolis


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