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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Should healthcare be a "system"?

We hear lots of chatter about reforming the health care system, but I think using the word system plays into the hands of statists and planners (men of the system in the words of the great one) by giving the impression that the provision of health care services is something that can be directed via central planning. We don't speak of the grocery system or the clothing system, so why refer to health care as a system?
-- from "Terminology, Part 2" by E. Frank Stephenson. HT: Don Boudreaux.

Here's my comment, which I posted at Cafe Hayek:
And always beware of politicians talking about their healthcare "plans", because their plans are guaranteed to be at odds with the plans you have for your life!

Bottom line: whenever you hear politicians mention "system" or "plan", hold on to your wallet and run for your life!


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