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Monday, August 03, 2009

Buy low, sell high

Richard Russell has given a Dow Theory bull market signal. When you get a signal, he says, you don’t argue with it; you go with it. Stock prices are going up.

We don’t doubt it. The Dow would have to clime to about 10,300 just to give us a classic 50% bounce.

But we are in a depression. We don’t gamble on stocks in a depression. It’s too risky. Instead, we go with the flow. And the flow over the next 10 years or so is probably going to be down.

By our reckoning the Dow hit its high in January of 2000. Adjusted for inflation it’s been running downhill ever since. Investors have made nothing for their trouble. And if we’re right, they won’t make anything in the years ahead either. Instead, they’ll have to wait until stocks are cheap again.

You know, dear reader…investing is really very simple. Buy low. Sell high.
-- from "Sticking With the Basics" by Bill Bonner


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