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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The future has arrived (and it wants its money from the past!)

In the past, the consumer reached into the future. In many cases, he reached beyond the future, and into Never Never Land. Consumers spent money they hadn’t earned yet…thus bringing forward purchases that should have been made years later. The accumulated effect of this was to add $35 trillion in extra spending to the world economy – from America alone – over the course of the great credit expansion, 1945-2007. That’s why we have a depression now – because consumers already spent what they would normally be spending now.

Time always gets even. Now, it is the past that is doing the reaching. The automobile bought in 2006…the house bought in 2005…the vacation taken in 1999 – the ghosts of yesteryear spending reach for Americans’ paychecks. Of course, in some cases, consumers spent more than they could reasonably expect to pay back – ever. They reached so far the poor ghosts are disappointed. Lenders realized that they’d never get their money back, which is what led to the credit crunch and the collapse of Wall Street.
--from "Stitch in Time" by Bill Bonner


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