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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is China the next big bubble?

There are two big bubbles now. There is the familiar one in federal government debt. The other is the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Andy Xie says China is a ‘giant Ponzi scheme’ fed by new investors hoping to get rich. Of course, the China story is an attractive one. China’s growth rate is spectacular. Even in a worldwide financial meltdown…and the biggest depression since the ’30s…China is still growing at greater than 8% per year – or so the figures tell us. New cities are still being built…at a breathtaking pace. Stocks on the Shanghai exchange are up 80% so far this year. China has the biggest pile of cash on the planet – $2 trillion worth. And it has more bright, well-educated engineers, accountants and economists than anywhere else… In fact, it has so many economists trained at Western universities, it is almost sure to blow itself up…

Maybe this is the Chinese Century. Maybe it is not. Either way, it seems inevitable to us that the Chinese bubble economy is going to pop. Banks are lending three times as much as they lent last year. You can’t increase lending at that rate and still maintain credit quality – if there was any in the first place. A lot of buildings are going up that won’t find tenants. A lot of factories are expanding that won’t find customers. A lot of speculations are going on that investors will later regret. That’s just how a bubble works!

Mr. Xie says, for example, that the cost of property in China is about the same as in the United States. But wait, the average income in China is only 1/7th what it is in the USA. How can the Chinese afford American prices? Well, they can’t. They’re all betting on the ‘greater fool theory’ – that they can pay any price, because some greater fool will come along and pay more. Trouble with that is that the Greatest Fool of All finally shows up…and then the whole structure collapses.
-- from "A Financial World Gone Mad" by Bill Bonner


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