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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Is natural gas under-priced?

A neglected sector that has gotten my attention is natural gas. The last few months have shown resurgence in crude with the global economy stabilizing and demand picking up. Overall crude itself has more than doubled from the lows with nat. gas lagging far behind.

For me the risk on nat gas is on the upside…in other words, I don’t want to risk missing a big upturn. Prices have already fallen from $12 down to under $4 – which is a $40,000 move per futures contract. For my taste the upside potential far outweighs the chance of the downtrend continuing much lower. Gas cannot go to zero, it will always have some value, and many fundamentals can change the present landscape of low, low prices.
-- from "How to Become a Better Investor" by Alan Knuckman


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