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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making the three main decisions in life on emotion, not logic

There are only three main decisions you make in life – what you do; who you do it with; and where you do it. Typically, these decisions are made without much real thinking – which is probably the best way. They are not things that lend themselves to thought…but to feeling. Pity the more man who marries a woman after a prolonged and logical thought process. The poor sap is doomed. His head may be in the game, but his heart will drop the ball. The next thing you know, he will be in divorce court or therapy. Likewise, the decision about where you live is not one that is readily subject to logical analysis. You like a place because you like it… And you may like it for a variety of reasons that defy analysis. There’s no accounting for taste, as they say.
-- from "A Financial World Gone Mad" by Bill Bonner


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