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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A National Day of Protest of Obama’s Wars

[L]ibertarian activist and attorney James Ostrowski has already begun organizing a "National Day of Protest of Obama’s Democrat Wars” for September 5 at noon in Buffalo, New York. In an interview with THE NEW AMERICAN, Ostrowski explained "the tea party movement has been very successful in thwarting Obama's domestic agenda and I feel that now is the appropriate time to go after his foreign policy agenda. It's the right time since almost all the liberals and the leftists have given Obama a pass on all his war mongering. Big government and war are genetically linked and historically linked. This can be a great teaching moment to the tea party activists and perhaps they will open their eyes to the link between big government and war." Could a new antiwar movement rise up and derail Obama's presidency?
--from "Obama's Wars Trigger New Activists" by Patrick Krey


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