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Monday, August 03, 2009

Stocks are cheap at 5 to 8 times earnings

Or on August 15, 2018--whichever comes first!
[S]tocks, bonds and commodities move in broad patterns that last for many years. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they go up and then they go down. Or vice versa. Just looking at the last 50 years, stocks were very expensive in 1966. Then, they dilly dallied around for a couple of years…and headed down. This bear market continued until August 1982. That was when BusinessWeek magazine declared that stocks were not merely ailing, they were dead: “The Death of Equities” was the cover story that month. Naturally, equities got up from their deathbed the very next month and entered the marathon. They ran for the next 18 years.

Well, you know the rest of the story as well as we do. It’s not complicated. The problem is that it takes patience to see it…to understand it…and to take advantage of it. The way to make money in stocks is to buy them when they are very cheap. But you may have to wait for 15-20 years. They’re not cheap towards the end of the bull cycle. Since you never know exactly when it’s going to end you don’t want to buy anywhere near the top. So you wait…and then stocks keep getting more and more expensive. Finally, the top arrives…and then you have to wait another decade or more until they reach bottom.

“Well, why don’t your write The Daily Reckoning once every 20 years?” mother wanted to know. “Just tell them when to buy…wait 20 years…and then tell them when to sell.”

But we’re going to ignore our dear, sweet momma this morning. She just doesn’t understand the complexity of the financial world!

For the last nine years, stocks have been going down (albeit with a major countertrend to the upside). We’ll probably have to wait another few years before they are cheap enough to buy. And when the end comes, stocks will be very cheap – between 5 to 8 times earnings.

When will that day come? Probably around August 15, 2018. Don’t forget to read The Daily Reckoning that day!
-- from "Sticking With the Basics" by Bill Bonner


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