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Monday, August 03, 2009

What's next, a "cash for broken windows" program?

Just one more thing about cash for clunkers… have you heard what the dealers do with the “clunkers”? By government decree, every traded-in clunker has to have sodium-silicate poured in its engine and run until rendered completely and eternally useless. Doesn’t matter if the engine’s brand-new -- less than 18 mpg and it’s destroyed. No resale, no charity, no exports to foreign nations… not even a moment’s consideration to whether the drivetrain could be used by anyone, for anything, anywhere.

All clunkers are then towed to the scrap yard, where some parts are stripped and the rest is smashed and shredded. (And you know that metal scrap will get shipped straight to China… at least someone will use it.)
-- from "A New Employment Crisis, Cash for Clunkers, Buy This Commodity and More!" by Addison Wiggin and Ian Mathias


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