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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eight is enough!

Vigils for peace

Eight years is enough!

End the war in Afghanistan.

On October 7, stand with us to mark the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. Though it’s been called a “good war,” it’s not. There is no good war.

Whether you join a vigil or another peace event, help AFSC and the United for Peace and Justice coalition bear witness to the human and economic cost of the Afghanistan war.

The latest opinion polls show that 57% of Americans are already against this war. With every soldier and civilian death in Afghanistan, public support lessens — here and in Europe. The United States top three NATO allies — Britain, France, and Germany — want to reassess the mission.

Add your voice to our call for

  • A timeline for withdrawal of U.S./NATO forces
  • No additional troops sent to Afghanistan
  • Talks with all parties to the conflict
  • Generous civilian-led development funds

-- from "Eight years is enough!" by the American Friends Service Committee


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